Work in committees and drafting resolutions during European Parliament simulation

The second session of the 5th day had also to do with the European Parliament simulation. After working on our own in the first session, we were separated in four groups and had two different topics to elaborate on. One of the topics was ‘A new financial package’ and the other was ‘Quotas system for accepting refugees in EU countries’.

After discussing in groups we were expected to draft a resolution about one of the topics. In fact it was a little bit difficult for us because we had to express the position of the country we were representing, and not our own ideas. For example, i couldn’t give my own opinion, but I had to research and state what in fact Bulgaria thinks and wants. Working in a committee was not easy because everyone of us had different positions about the topic.

Despite the differences we had to achieve a unanimously agreement of the resolution. To be honest it was not easy working on committee and especially achieving an agreement, because all of us had to agree with it. But, i think that the experience from the previous days helped us very much, because now we know each other better and communication between us was constructive.

Finally after the discussions, all the groups drafted a resolution. Day by day activities get better and more enjoyable.

      – Ambra, Albania


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