European Parliament simulation: introduction and research

The first session of 28th November was about the most important EU institutions: European Council, European Commission, Council of Ministers and European Parliament. So we watched a short video about the function of different EU institutions and how they are connected with each other.

The focus of this session was the European Parliament since we had to understand how it works in order to make a simulation of the process of decision-making in this institution.  It is directly elected by citizens of European Union every 4 years, by universal suffrage. It gained more importance after the Treaty of Lisbon which gave him the power to decide and practice its legislative function. It is composed of 751 members.

So after we watched the video, each of us received a country of EU and had to do a research of its position concerning the refugee crisis in Europe. The two main questions that we had to focus more were:

  1. Agreement on a financial package to help refugees
  2. Accepting the quota system for accepting refugees

     – Jovana, Portugal


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