The change does start with us – thinking about solutions

We often think about problems with disregard for their solutions. Has once said, we should take 90% of our time to think about a problem and only 10% to think about the solution.

This time we had the chance to put in practice our citizenship abilities and tools to reveal how can we overcome the many challenges within organizations and governmental institutions that constrain us to reach effective and long term good practices among citizens and organizations.

Although this is not an easy task, all of us were successful in presenting viable solutions for our organizations, governments and countries to put in practice in order to be more democratic, transparent, and fair in the work they do for their citizens in the world.

If each of us can see and create good and long term solutions for the problems around us, from better education, to transparency, to mechanisms to  improve democratic systems, maybe the change starts indeed with every one of us and we have the tools to make it a reality.

      – Ana Carmo, Portugal



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