Talking about our personal and European identity and values

So which is our identity and which are the values that lead us in every step of our lives? To be honest I never had the chance to sit down and write them in a piece of paper, give them existence. Yesterday’s session gave me the chance to do that.

Every individual wrote on a piece of paper five things that define their personality and the most important values they share in their lives. Additionally, they had to be in order according to their importance to us. On a second stage, we pared with someone from the group and shared with each other what we wrote on our paper. This procedure happened later in group of four, then in groups of eight and in the end the entire group was divided into two big groups and had not only to share their values, but also find some common characteristics or values  with the other group members. In the end we found the five most popular similarities, as well as some differences which were presented only once during our sharing. Gender and Nationality were for both groups in some of the highest positions and it was really interesting to hear some of the differences, because you could actually see how people characterize themselves in a total different way than you.

What is worth mentioning is, that for some values like honesty, respect and being open minded people wanted to add them in the most important values, even if they weren’t mentioned by a big amount of people originally.

So just take a piece of paper and think. What things define your identity? Being a European? Being a woman? A sister?  An engineer? And which are the most important values for you? And do you actually follow them?

      – Aikaterini, Greece


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