Second intercultural evening

It started at about 21:20 at the hotel’s lobby everyone was after a nice, but short nap and with willing to have fun. The preparations of the five countries were almost finished and the tasty plates were waiting.

First Italy nailed us with the traditional pasta that deserves to be in the world’s most famous plates cover with Bolognese and Pesto sauce, breadstick with mortadella, nutella and a spritz made with a mix of prosecco and water.

After that FYROM (Macedonia) presented us the story of every food and drink they brought. Later they played some question games if order to make the other participants enjoy themselves. It continues with Portugal and not only impressed with their local plates, but also with it’s amazing alcohol, have you ever try the famous Porto wine?

Serbia, our host country let us try it’s local food as well. Afterward we went to Albania, a country that not only gave tasty plates but also made us dance on it’s rhythms .

It was an interesting night with different flavors, smiles and music from those five great countries.

       – Dimitrios, Greece


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