Introducing the project objectives, agenda and non-formal education methodology

On the first session of today, we have talked about the project, its objectives, working agenda and the methodology we are going to use in the next 8 days. Youth Citizenship Activators is a project that includes 30 youth workers and leaders coming from 10 European countries who want to learn more about citizenship education, European citizenship, active citizenship and encouraging youth participation

The aim of the project is is to train, equip with competences and empower youth workers and young leaders to work on citizenship education, especially in the context of active citizenship and European citizenship. The project also will tackle and explore the European integration and provide knowledge about the work of European institutions. In fact the agenda of this training course is rich of interesting activities concerning topic like European citizenship, European history and culture and activities that show how European institutions work.

The topics are dealt with a non-formal education methodology. It is a kind of learning that everyone is an active participant and there isn’t  a “hierarchy” between educators and learners.

      – Najada, Italy


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