30 European youth workers are in Topola, Serbia to become Youth Citizenship Activators

Thirty youth workers and youth leaders from 10 European countries from 24th of November until 3rd of December will be in Topola, Serbia for the Training course “Youth Citizenship Activators” in order to address the issues of declining participation in community and democratic life of young people, their weakened sense of citizenship as well as low participation in decision-making processes. In order to do this, the Training will provide youth workers and leaders with youth work competences, tools and practices to work with young people on citizenship education, especially in the context of active citizenship and European citizenship.

During 9-days of intensive program and by using non-formal, experiential and peer-to-peer learning methods, representatives of youth organisations from Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Poland, Greece, Portugal, Albania, Czech Republic, Italy and Romania will be empowered to become Youth Citizenship Activators (educators) who will be able to encourage active participation and inclusion of young people, especially those with fewer opportunities in socio-political democratic life on local, national and European level.

During the Training course, participants will develop, practice and evaluate new and innovative non-formal learning tools (activities, methods and approaches) for youth workers and young people which will be summarized into a Youth Citizenship Activators Toolbox on the topics of citizenships education, European citizenship, active youth participation and European values.

By successfully finishing the Training course, all participants will acquire a special “Youth Activators citizenship” and with it a “Youth Activators passport” which will entitle them to certain rights, duties and responsibilities to transfer the knowledge, skills, experience, practices and tools gained from the project to others – being those their friends, colleagues or young people they work with.

“Youth Citizenship Activators” is an Erasmus+ Capacity Building project in the field of Youth with one Mobility of youth workers activity that was granted by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) within the Western Balkans youth window.

The project was applied by consortium of 10 European youth organisations through the leading partner Omladinska Kulturna Organizacija (Youth Cultural Organisation), a non-profit, non-governmental youth organization that was established in 2010 in Mladenovac, Serbia with mission to stimulate and sustain the personal, professional and social development of the local youth.

For more information about the project, daily updates from the Training course and produced results, we invite you to visit the project website at www.youthactivators.wordpress.com and follow the official project hashtags #YouthActivators and #YCAbyOKO.



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